Remaining Strangers

Simone Aughterlony returns with an elaboration of the guest/host relation and all that ensues: Notions of the Stranger quickly emerge as those present get involved in recognizable social situations like a dinner party with a DJ and toasting farewell to the things that we have already lost. Folding chairs in constant rearrangement suggest a locality and momentary belonging until we realize the resources are becoming few and largely repurposed. Especially now, how can we consider the very place we are without the binds of ownership? How can we re-approach or land back to something that was never ours yet simply held us for an epoch of time? Acknowledging the infinite difference between people, “Remaining Strangers” hovers amongst the endurance of the return and the discord located in the fiber of not being able to.

Remaining Strangers by Simone Aughterlony | Light: Joseph Wegmann
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