The opening premiere by Julia Wissert puts Dortmund - its history and future - at the center of attention. How will we remember Dortmund in the future? What traces of history lie under the pavement and what memories will we take with us into the future? And above all: how do we write history? Who speaks and who has nothing to say? What can we make audible and how will we write a different history in the future?

With these questions, we invited five authors to Dortmund and they found exciting places and stories. The evening begins with the play, then we move in small groups in three stations through the city to end the evening together on the square of the Old Synagogue (in front of the opera house).

Akın Emanuel Şipal founds a new republic: a republic of poets and thinkers, who inscribe the stories of their origins into their future. The text will be staged on the Katharinentreppe between the city library and the soccer museum. Ivana Sajko tells of the arrival and hope for a future that is supposed to be different and better than the present. She did her research in the Nordstadt and we can experience this story at the back exit of the main train station. With Karosh Taha and her text, we go to Kielstraße 26, to the so-called Horror High-rise, and hear stories from the future and the past of the building. At the Platz der Alten Synagoge, today the opera house, Sivan Ben Yishai reminds us in her text of the destruction of the synagogue. She draws a link from the past into the future and to the new start of the theater. Finally, Luna Ali creates a connection between the places with her text: with her, we travel through the city and time. And no other than the mythological bird phoenix, which stands for eternal return and change, could better guide us through Dortmund. Together with two magical city planners, the phoenix is our guide through time and space.

2170 by Julia Wissert | Light & Stage: Joseph Wegmann
Production: Theater Dortmund. Funded by the Ministry for Culture and Science of the Land of North Rhein Westfalia and the NRW Kultursekretariat Wuppertal. Sponsors: SPARBAU, Sparkasse Dortmund. Partners: Deutsches Fussballmuseum, Stadt- und Landesbibliothek Dortmund, Auslandsgesellschaft.de.
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